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Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

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Aroma:  Strongly camphoraceous, freshly herbaceous, and slightly woodsy

Latin Name:  Eucalyptus globulus

Country of Origin:  Australia

Cultivation Method:  Harvested from wild growing plants

Extraction Method:  Steam distilled

Extracted From:  Leaves

Color:  Clear 

Perfumery Note:  Top

Consistency:  Liquid

Aromatherapy Properties:  Cooling, cleansing, and energizing

Suggested Use:  This is a key essential oil used in aromatherapy to help with respiratory complaints.  It is also great to add to cleaning recipes, or in a diffuser to freshen the air.  Topically, it may offer some help with aching muscles and joints, or minor scrapes.  Further, it is an excellent essential oil choice to add to a blend for repelling insects.

History:  Both Western and Eastern medicine have used eucalyptus for decades to support the respiratory system.  It is a popular ingredient in commercial cough and throat medicines and chest ointments.

Commonly referred to as "Fever tree," the British colonists who settled in Australia would plant eucalyptus groves to help keep insects and thus contagious diseases at bay. Being highly water-hungry plants, the eucalyptus trees also aided in drying out waterlogged soil to reduce the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Today 75% of all trees grown in Australia are of the eucalyptus family.

What is the difference between Eucalyptus globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora?

  • E. globulus smells strongly camphorous and herbaceous, and consists of about 80% 1,8-cineole.  It is useful for opening breathe, cleaning, and repelling insects.  Avoid around children, breast feeding women, and certain health conditions.  It has these contraindications related to its high cineole content.
  • E. radiata is similar to E. globulus, but has about 67% cineole, with alpha terpinene, limonene, and pinene to give it a clean eucalyptus scent with notes of citrus and floral.  It has the similar uses and contraindications to E. globulus
  • E. citriodora has an aroma that is light, and lemony sweet.  It is about 75% citronellal and citronellol, and is generally safe around kids.  E. citriodora is useful to add to cleaning recipes and to deter insects.

Specific Safety Information:  Not for internal use.  Avoid near the faces of children due to the 1,8-cineole content.  Avoid around young children under the age of 5.  May cause issues in some people with asthma.  Dilute all essential oils with topical use.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  Some essential oils may be contraindicated with certain medical conditions.  May cause skin irritation if oxidized.  Store essential oils in an airtight container away from sunlight.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions before use.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure a disease.