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Floral Water Lavender (hydrosol) - 1 Gallon

Floral Water Lavender (hydrosol) - 1 Gallon

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Mist yourself with refreshing, natural flower essences. Our French lavender water tones and soothes irritated skin. A great remedy after sunbathing or to reverse the effects of dry air, the relaxing scent of lavender relieves tension and anxiety.

Aromaland's Floral Hydrosol Waters lift your spirit, soothe your skin, tone your hair and nurture your mind with the fragrant goodness of nature. Take these essential companions wherever you go - the office, outdoors, traveling, long hours in the car! Spray liberally on face and body or use to freshen your surroundings.

Feature Highlights:

  • Use this fine spray to bring soothing moisture and fragrant refreshment to your face and body.
  • Derived from precious flowers.
  • genuine Aromatherapy Floral Water.
  • Contains No Drying Alcohol or Chemicals.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Rose Lavender Extract, and Sorbitol (Dextrose Blender).