​Why Are Essential Oils So Popular Right Now?

​Why Are Essential Oils So Popular Right Now?

Posted by Kathy Sadowski on on Jun 15th 2022

Essential oils are natural oils produced by and extracted from certain plants. They might come from the roots, leaves, wood, flowers, seeds, or fruit. Did you know…only about 1% of plants in the world produce essential oils!

These amazing aromatic oils are used commercially as natural flavorings and fragrances. They can also be used as a quality body care or health supplement ingredient. At home, users enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils via diffusers or diluted topically.

Many people are noticing essential oils and asking the question, “Why are essential oils so popular right now?” These delightful aromatics represent a plant’s essence and reconnect us with our natural world.

The Production of Essential Oils

The production of essential oils requires great care to ensure the highest quality end product. It begins with growing or selecting quality wild-grown plants. Then, their aromatic oils are extracted via steam distillation. Only the most lightweight molecules are recovered and include combinations of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Other less frequently used methods of extracting essential oils include expression, absolute extraction, and resin tapping.

Once extracted, essential oils should be carefully stored in air-tight containers without exposure to the sun or extremely hot or cold. This is because they are made of highly volatile components that can chemically change with exposure to oxygen, sun, or temperatures. Oxidized oils may be less aromatic and lose key therapeutic benefits. Further, there may be a higher likelihood of negative effects, such as skin irritation.

Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils are useful in a multitude of ways. Commercially, they may be found as an important ingredient(s) in various natural perfumery, beauty, body care, and supplement products.

Significant scientific research is beginning to accumulate to demonstrate the benefits of essential oils to our wellbeing. Extractions from certain botanical species and their isolated constituents have been shown to help with a range of issues.

The at-home user can enjoy essential oils thru diffusion or topically diluted. Before use, identify the botanical name and key constituents of an essential oil or plant extraction. Then review the benefits and possible contraindications. Ask your doctor if you have any questions before use.

Here's a look at some of the industries benefiting from essential oils.

Food processing: Essential oils may enhance a food’s flavor and help improve shelf life. They can be found as an ingredient in many products, including chewing gums, sauces, dressings, teas, drinks, desserts, and more!

Cosmetic industry: Essential oils and their isolated compounds are widely used in the cosmetic industry for a variety of benefits. From facial serums to soothing creams, some oils commonly used include helichrysumtea treepeppermintroselemon, and calendula.

Body Care Products: Essential oils can be found in natural shampoosconditionersshower gelsbody lotionshand soapsbath saltsmassage oils, and more. Many people can easily smell the difference between a manufactured synthetic fragrance and a pure therapeutic grade essential oil! Some common scents found in body care include lavendercitrus notesrosemary, peppermint, and exotic florals such as jasmine or a blend with ylang ylang.

Fragrances: Some of the most exquisite perfumes and colognes contain amazing essential oils. For example, bergamot adds a lively citrus note, rose is a prized floral, and sandalwood offers a warm and sensual element. Patchouli is grounding, lavender is calming, and black pepper is spicy. Mother nature makes it best; thus, there are many examples of botanical extracts used as fragrance ingredients!

Aromatherapy: Millions of people are enjoying essential oils at home. There are a variety of therapeutic benefits that can help improve mood and wellness. Here are a just a few examples:

  • Topically, peppermint essential oil can have a cooling effect. People use it to help with nausea and body aches.
  • Lavender aroma is known for its calming potential. People enjoy the aroma to help ease tension and improve sleep.
  • Citrus essential oils are said to offer an uplifting aroma. The scent could help boost energy.
  • Some scents can bring up fond memories. Pine essential oil can be associated with holiday cheer. Cinnamon might remind a person of a spicy chai tea recipe. Ylang ylang could bring up memories of a tropical vacation.

Is it profitable to sell essential oils?

Essential oils are in high demand, and for a good reason. They can be a key ingredient in body care and other products or are enjoyed by the at-home enthusiasts. As people are becoming more interested in natural products and ingredients and holistic health practices, essential oils continue to rapidly grow in popularity.

Three Key Benefits of Selling Essential Oils

  • Essential oils are increasing continue to increase in demand and offer a good profit margin!
  • They have a good shelf life if properly stored.
  • Plus, they take up a small amount of shelf space.

How big is the essential oil market?

A recent surge in demand can be seen with an annual growth rate of about 7% since 2017. The market is expected to reach 39 billion (US dollars) by 2023 (1).

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Plant extracts such as essential oils offer a long history of traditional therapeutic uses. Today, their popularity continues to increase. As the market grows, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this trend and grow their business by selling essential oils and aromatherapy products.


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