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Angelica Root 10% Essential Oil

Angelica Root 10% Essential Oil

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Aroma:  Woody, earthy, spicy, and sweet.  Long-lasting, and often used as a fixative.

Latin Name:  Angelica archangelica

Country of Origin:  Hungary

Cultivation Method:  Harvested from wild growing plants

Extraction Method:  Steam distilled

Extracted From:  Roots

Color:  Colorless to pale yellow, turns darker with age

Perfumery Note:  Base

Consistency:  Liquid

Aromatherapy Properties: Restorative, warming, grounding, aphrodisiac-like, purifying, and a wellness tonic. Can be stimulating in small doses, and sedating in large doses.  The potency and incredible fragrancing power of Angelica root essential oil makes it a great investment. Aromaland offers two choices: Angelica root 100% or Angelica root 10% pre-diluted in jojoba oil.

Suggested Use:  Angelica root essential oil is a great choice for perfumery blends.  A tiny amount goes a long way to offer fixative qualities and a warm grounding effect.  Here's another use:  some believe sniffing a whiff of the aroma can help curb an appetite!

History: Angelica’s name is Latin for "angel-like" and refers to its heavenly scent. Archangelica is "an angel of the highest order," or in Greek it comes from the word arkhangelos, meaning "chief angel.”  Originating in Spain, Angelica root was one of the few chosen spices exported from Europe to the Orient. It has since been used as both a flavoring and as an apothecary drug.  Held in the highest regard, it has been belovedly referred to as "the root of the Holy Ghost." It is also a key flavoring for the alcohol spirit: Cointreau liqueur.

Specific Safety Information:  Not for internal use.  Avoid topical use with sun exposure due to photosensitizing constituents.  Avoid with pregnant and breastfeeding women, young children, pets, and certain medical conditions.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions before use.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure a disease.